Component Shops

We are an EASA / FAA approved maintenance organization strategically located in the center of Europe. In our workshop facilities we offer maintenance of avionics and mechanical components for various aircraft types and models (detailed information can be found in our
Capability List or contact us). Specialized in so-called “Center of Excellence” groups, we can provide you with:
– cost-saving throughput time
– Excellent quality based on more than 50 years
– Competitive prices

Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment and a particularly economical combination of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic test stations for maintenance work on high-tech accessories from the following areas:

Calibration Service

Austrian Technik has more than 50 years of experience in the field of routine calibration, as well as excellent educated staff. The services of our calibration center are continuous verified by the national aviation authority Austro Control as a member of European Aviation Safety Agency EASA and the Federal Aviation Authority FAA. All calibrations are performed in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, which means that all reference standards traceable to international standards. Each calibrated measuring and test equipment is marked with a calibration sticker and a calibration certificate with test results will be issued. The calibration of the equipment will be provided within three working days, with prior appointment is also a shorter turn around time is possible.

We would be happy to make you an offer for the calibration of your measuring and test equipment.

Please contact us if you need any further information.

Overview of metrics and measurement program

We have a large number of reference standards. The following list provides only a brief overview. If you have a measuring device that is not mentioned in this collection, please contact us.
We will examine the capability of in house calibration.

the gaseous medium to 250 bar, liquid medium up to 700 bar
Gauge (analog & digital)
Tire inflator, tire pressure gauge

Torque up to 1500 Nm
Torquemeter (analog & digital)

Force up to 5t
Spring Balances
Push & Pull Gauge

Caliper up to 1000 mm
Micrometers up to 500 mm
Dial gauge up to 30 mm
internal micrometers up to 100 mm

Electrical Quantities 
(Voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency)
Current Clamps
Analog Volt & Ammeter
Resistance Decades
Frequency Counter
Power Supplies

Test Equipment for LFZ-maintenance organizations
Test facilities, which include previously mentioned measured quantities can be calibrated by the calibration center. We request the relevant technical documents to be supplied.

Electromechanical Workshop

  • Exterior & Interior Lights 
  • Power Drive Unit – PDU 
  • Galley Equipment  
  • Battery 
  • Air Chiller 
  • Smoke Detectors 

Emergency & Water/Waste Workshop

Following maintenance activities in accordance with the relevant component maintenance manual are offered in this shop

  • hydrostatic test on oxygen cylinders
  • refilling of oxygen bottles
  • repair water faucets and valves
  • repair of emergency slides and -rafts
  • repair of vacuum toilets

Radio & Complex Component Workshops

  • Accessory (Microphone, Headset, Boomset Cockpit Amplifier Loudspeaker) 
  • Air Traffic Service Unit – ATSU 
  • Audio Control Panel – ACP 
  • Avionic Equipment Ventilation Computer – AEVC 
  • Audio Management Unit – AMU 
  • Battery Charge Limiter – BCL 
  • Digital Audio Control Panel – DACP 
  • Digital Audio Management Unit – DAMU 
  • Display Management Computer – DMC 
  • Ecam Control Panel – ECP 
  • Fuel Quantity Indication Computer – FQIC 
  • Landing Gear Control Interface Unit – LGCIU 
  • Radio Managment Panel – RMP 
  • System Data Acquisition Concentrator – SDAC 
  • Slat/Flap Control Computer – SFCC 
  • Under Water Accoustic Beacon & Emergency Locator Beacon 
  • Video Cassette Player – VCP 

Wheels & Brakes Workshop

The wheels and brakes shop offer you the kind of service you are looking for. We perform tire change up to overhaul including painting of wheel halves. In the brake shop we perform maintenance on steel and carbon brakes up to overhaul including painting.

We are offering maintenance on wheels and brakes for following Aircraft type

  • Airbus
  • Boeing
  • Canadair Regional Jet
  • Embraer