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Austrian Technik Aircraft Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is generally called Aircraft Maintenance and is divided into Line Maintenance (LM) and Base Maintenance (BM).

LM is the term used for aircraft maintenance that takes place on the line, i.e. during ongoing operations. This includes work on the apron and in the hangar.

Where LM actually takes place depends on several factors (time, weather conditions, etc.) and cannot be determined in a generalized way. Typical LM tasks are tire or engine changes.

Since the aircraft are in operation almost 24/7 in the summer, the extensive work is shifted to the quieter winter months. The work here often extends over several weeks and serves to modernize the aircraft systems, renew the passenger cabin and carry out extensive equipment and system tests.

These checks are part of Base Maintenance.

Aircraft Maintenance is a large division with more than 600 employees, a large part of whom are the aircraft mechanics themselves.

Other occupational fields include:
– Structural and cabin technicians
– Planning/scheduling of maintenance activities
– Tool maintenance (including calibration)
– 3rd party maintenance handling
– and many more

Line Maintenance Station, Contracts & Costumer Business

Line Maintenance

Austrian Technik is able to provide complete technical handling for various aircraft types based on your specific requirements and international quality standards.

Line maintenance can be performed at the following stations:
– Vienna
– Bangkok

Here you can find a quick overview of our line maintenance capacities per station, per aircraft and engine type.

Our line maintenance capacities include:
– Transit inspections
– Pre-flight inspection
– Post-flight check- 100-hour check / 10-day check
– Daily and/or weekly checks
– rehensive and qualified troubleshooting and defect rectification for the listed aircraft types
– A-Check
– ETOPS Check
– AOG support / remote location

VIP and Executive Services

ATES – Austrian Technik Executive Services

Austrian Technik specializes in the maintenance of the Bombardier Business Jet models Global Express, Challenger CL850, CL604/5/650, CL300/350, Airbus A320 fleet (ACJ) and offers its customers a comprehensive service – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Line/Base Maintenance & Workshop Services

We have many years of experience with Bombardier aircraft and Airbus aircraft and offer very comprehensive line/base and backshop service packages. In addition, our great facilities and large hangars ensure a comprehensive full service for Bombardier and Airbus business jets.

Quality, efficiency and well-serviced customers are our goals!

In Vienna you can benefit from the following maintenance services:
– Global Express Series (BD700 Series)
– CL 604/605/650 (CL600-2B16)
– CL 850, CRJ (CL600-2B19)
– 300/350 (BD100-1A10)
– Airbus A320 fleet ACJ
– Troubleshooting
– AOG support/remote location by our Mobile Repair Team

In its line and back stores Austrian Technik has extensive capacities to support you in aircraft maintenance and operations
– Structural repairs
– Sheet metal work
– NDT services
– Paint shop for interior and exterior parts
– Composite materials workshop
– Interior trim
– Upholstery services
– Emergency equipment

For further information please contact our ATES hotline (available 24/7/365).