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Vision _ Values

Vision and Values

Austrian Technik’s aim is to provide best in class technical services to Austrian Airlines and to third party customers.

Our vision is that the airline supported by us will profit from three key factors:

  • Excellent technical reliability
  • Optimized aircraft utilization
  • Competitive Cost position

In order to achieve all this, we have thoroughly restructured the Technical operations organization including an overall reengineering of the core processes. The focus and dedication to our products has been strengthened.

In the middle of all this is an entirely new set-up Maintenance Operations Center (MOC), supporting the fleet operation on a 24/7 basis and providing immediate response to any technical problem worldwide. This MOC has been designed according to the latest state of the art and is capable to provide an unbeatable short response time in trouble shooting or defect rectifications. At the same time the new MOC makes sure to continously adjust the scheduled maintenance planning according to the operational changes in the network.

As part of the Lufthansa Group, we have a deep and long lasting cooperation with Lufthansa Technik as well as with the other Airlines in the group like Swiss, British Midland, Brussels Airlines, German Wings etc. At this level, we are in a close and regular communication, in order to identify further opportunities of improvement.

Last but not least, the excellent people working at Austrian Technik are the very key to all this dedication and motivation. The entire team is trained and educated to the highest possible standard. With the help of a Continous Improvement program including Kaizen methods, our employees are contributing themselves to the further development of Austrian Technik.

We keep Aircraft Moving.