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Maintenance Work

Maintenance Approval

Austrian Technik is approved in several countries for the maintenance of aircraft, engines and components.

The company has the following Maintenance Organization Approvals of the respective aviation authorities:


Country Authority   Approval Number
European Union (EU) Austro Control/European Aviation Safety Agency ACG/EASA AT.145.001
Canada Transport Canada


China, P.R. of Civil Aviation Authority of China


Bermuda Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation BCAA BDA/AMO/474
Qatar   Qatar Civil Aviation Authority QCAA QCAA/FAMO/44
United Arab Emirates  General Civil Aviation Authority   GCAA UAE.145.1039
USA Federal Aviation Administration FAA AUXY103F
Cayman Islands      Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands  CAAC I 139-CAY-AMO-2013
Kuwait Directorate General of Civil Aviation DGCA DGCA/AMO/067
Egypt Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority ECAA ECAA/AW/AE/B0088/R2
Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission CARC CARC.FAMO.15